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Purposeful Parent is a community designed for parents and their teens.  Each month you get personalized training from Dr. Gena plus worksheets, guest experts, and much more. 


Class of 2023

 College is around the corner. Being part of Dr. Gena's Group Coaching Program will give your teen the guidance they need get accepted into their dream college.
Are you Overwhelmed With The Perpetual Changes Happening In The College Admissions World?
2020 changed the landscape of college admissions forever. We have seen the process become more overwhelming year after year. Now our teens are faced with new challenges, roadblocks, and constant changes.
Holistic Review
Wondering what that means? What does your teen need to do to stand out in this new process? 
Test Or Not To Test
What does test-optional mean? Should you sign up for test prep? What if you can't take the test or don't have a good score? 
Post Covid Resume 
How can your teen build a resume when many activities, volunteer opportunities, and summer programs were been canceled or limited? 
I've Been Through The Stress Of College Applications Without Outside Help
Hello, my name is Dr. Gena Lester and I am the creator of Accepted Academy. I am an international best-selling author, speaker, expert, and thought leader in the college admissions space. I am also a mom to 3 college graduates. I understand how much parents want their kids to be successful and happy. I get the worry that comes with college admissions.

I've been successfully working with teens in the private consulting space for over 15 years. I saw families struggling to figure out how to help their teens get accepted into a good college when the system can be so overwhelming. And the relief that came with hiring a consultant. But, I know that not everyone is able to work in-person with the best person for their teen. 

So I set out to solve the problem. I created Accepted Academy as a bridge for those who are looking to have an expert in their corner. I'm excited that I can help families have an option that they might not otherwise have. Accepted Academy is one of the only programs of its kind and I can't wait to partner with you and your teen as you embark on this journey.
"Without Gena’s guidance, we wouldn't have had the slightest idea of where to start. I know that my daughter's success is directly related to Dr. Lester. Without reservation, I recommend Gena Lester for her college admission/prep expertise."
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